Support Our Work

You can help support our efforts by:

  • Encouraging shared use or joint use of school and community resources to increase the amount of resources available for physical activity
  • Ensuring that community members from underserved communities are engaged in decision-making about sustainable community issues
  • Requiring quality physical education and physical activity standards
  • Cleaning up neglected parks and creating safer parks
  • Making sure all streets have proper lighting and have well-maintained sidewalks and bicycle lanes
  • Requiring developers to build adequate parks, playgrounds and/or walking trails in new housing developments
  • Establishing safe routes to school programs to create safer environments and promote children walking to school
  • Establishing traffic calming and safety measures to encourage walking and biking
  • Linking public transportation to housing, parks/recreational centers, education, employment and grocery stores

To learn more about what you and others can do, contact our regional office at: (559) 498-0870.